Monday, December 20, 2010

Keep Your Serenity Over Christmas!

Christmas in Australia falls in the middle of summer with soaring temperatures. As Aussies we all have family traditions we hold dear.  Maybe the BBQ with friends, the comfort food we eat, the desserts we bake and when and how we open our presents. Each year the familiar events that take place are the gift we give our children - teaching them the true meaning of Christmas - spending time and sharing with the people closest to you.  May your Christmas be filled with serenity and happy memories!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cooktown Top Pub Painting in Acrylic

Started a new painting today.  Still working on seascape but this gives me variety and makes painting more interesting.  So far have just laid in the under-painting following the tonal values and some colour indicators.  When looking at the painting against the photo I can pick up errors in perspective and shapes but I still like the overall 'feel' of the painting over the photo.  More painterly!  You can see the dark red ground that I used in sealing the canvas showing in unpainted areas of the canvas which made it easier to decide on tonal values. 

Acrylic Seascape - Ross Franzi Art Workshop - Progressing!

Have made some progress on the acrylic seascape painting from the Ross Franzi Art Workshop. I need to complete more detail in the foliage and do more contrasting tonals and finish with more highlights. Process takes time. Will post another pic when done!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Life Drawing Class - Week V - Tonal Values

This weeks Life Drawing Class was the final one for 2010.  We'll commence again after Christmas and New Year starting on Monday 17th January at 7pm in the gallery.  I am enjoying the life model and find it much more fun than photos or still life in improving my drawings.  Still have a way to go but this weeks I was happy with  some improvement in contours of head, hands and feet.  

We used ceiling spotlights to create more shadows and tried to do 3D modelling using values of dark, light and mid tones.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Acrylic Seascape Progress - Darks of Foreground

After a week and a half feeling ill I have finally been able to return to the foreground of the acrylic seascape started at the Ross Franzi Art Workshop on Sat 27th & Sun 28th November! 

So without the benefit of a teacher I am following the technique Ross taught us in laying in the darks first.  I started on the dark foliage but then noticed I was just 'blobbing' away with the brush which will NOT make realistic shapes.  I got my head sorted and started to concentrate on placing the dark leaves by looking at the negative spaces.  I will post updates as I go.
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