Friday, August 14, 2009

Art Bras Entry In Cooktown Art Festival!

As part of the Cooktown Art Festival there is an 'Arty Bra" competition that will raise money for breast cancer. We have heaps of entries!

This is my entry titled "you're Ringing My Bells"!

Should be a fun Week-end!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Paradise Flower Oil Painting Stage 1

Stage 1 of a 'Bird of Paradise' Flower.

Size about 8 x 10 inch

Using Genesis Oil paints. I used an old watercolour painting on 300gsm watercolour paper that hadn't turned out - you can see the shapes and texture in the background. Placed a cut-out of the paradise flower from a photo I took as a template and washed on oil paint (mixed colours with overall grey made up of scrapings from used palette) thinned with odourless solvent.

Started with some colour in background - leaves and stems - to set the tones. Washed in white and yellow in correct shapes as a base for glazing in colours later. Allowed to dry.
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