Sunday, March 21, 2010

Have a new web site I am using to produce some interesting pics.  The site is and if you input a word or words then it generates dream images by searching the web and finding photos that relate to the words you input.  Then the program 'makes; an image that is dreamy looking - blurred.  I used the print screen key and pasted in Windows Paint Program.  Then I can save any image I like.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Must Be Going Troppo!

Had a quiet week-end and now the start of a new week. Making crazy YouTube and Jib Jab videos. Maybe going troppo!  Used a still frame screen capture from a video of 'Panda Sushi' from the You Tuber called runnyrunny999 and then altered it in Adobe Photoshop by merging the still with a real Panda photo.  Loaded the result to Crazy Talk Animation Program and animated it with a recorded Volvo Driver song that I had enhanced in AVG Audio Editor.  Produced a avi video from this then converted to MP4 format and uploaded to You Tube as a response video.  You can see the results at You Tube by clicking the link.  Am I going crazy!  

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