Monday, January 17, 2011

Life Drawing Resumed - Session Six

The Life Drawing Class had our sixth session this evening at the gallery.  Still very hot even at 7pm but once we got going we got into the drawing mode again.  These are two sketches.  I didn't complete them - would have needed longer or repeat of pose but am happy enough for the satge I am at.  Tried the coloured pastels over a charcoal outline drawing and got an undefined figure which I think I could have made more detailed given the time.  It is still a lot of fun.  I think the class will be on again next week.  I 'm not going any more for now as I need to get started on painting for the Cooktown School of Art Society Annual Exhibition that is held in June.  For any locals interested in doing the Monday Life Darwing contact Tracey for details.

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