Sunday, September 27, 2009

Musings of a Wanna-Be Artist!

Well I have just been going through my photos of art works and have posted some to this blog. I look back on the many different styles I have and am still trying out. Different mediums - acrylic, pastel (chalk and oil), watercolour (paints and pencils), oil (traditional, water soluble and genesis), mixed media, charcoal, graphite; sizes from miniature to rather large and on many different supports - gallery wrap canvas, art board, papers, wood and even wet sandpaper from the hardware shop! Still find it all facinating and want to continue.

I have stepped aside from covering the role of Secretary and Treasurer for the Cooktown School of Art Society on and off over the last three years and will just do the web site and blog - visit and to see the art! Now I have no excuses! I need more brush time as an artist friend of mine says!
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