All About Me

I have always had an interest in art and creativity. With an initial emphasis on acrylic painting I have watched other artists or attended workshops and tried out ideas or techniques, always feeling my way and looking for inspiration.

Within the art society members have freely offered constructive critiques and advice on painting techniques. I have learned a lot by watching other artists.

Fellow artists opened my mind to finding inspiration in everything around me and to see everything as a possibility. To experiment with paint and not to be so anxious about rules. Above all she saw plenty of 'brush time' as being the true teacher. She was generous in sharing her talent and ways of thinking about life and art.

More recently I've became interested in other mediums such as graphite, pastel, oil and mixed media and digital art. Inspiration for my work stems from people, community and nature. My styles vary from traditional representational to impasto abstract or contemporary. I haven't yet settled to one medium or artistic style.

With an interest in computers I use a digital camera to capture images that I can use to create digital photographic ‘art’. This has led to a variety of experimentation with style, colour and format.

I aim to create something unique whether in a traditional or a more expressive style. As long as I challenge myself and provide interest for the viewer I will continue to enjoy creating visual art. For recent art works see http:/Fayes4Art

Some art workshops I have attended in Cooktown:
Greg Dwyer - 'The Art of Oil and Acrylic Painting' Workshop March 2008 by CSAS & RADF at Elizabeth Guzsely Gallery
Linda Jackson - Two "Art of Fashion" Workshops in 2008 by CSAS & RADF at Cooktown State School P-12
Ludij Peden - Watercolour Workshop and  Genesis Heat Set Oils Workshop 2009 by CSAS & RADF at Elizabeth Guzsely Gallery
Maxine Thompson - Pastel Portraits Workshop November 2006 by CSAS & RADF at Elizabeth Guzsely Gallery
Ross Franzi - Water colour, acrylic and gouache techniques 2008 by Black Cockatoo Gallery at Bloomfield
Values in Pencil and Paint 27, 28 Nov 2010 at Elizabeth Guzsely Gallery
Sherril Inwood MA - Art With Inwood - Primary Colours by CSAS & RADF at Elizabeth Guzsely Gallery 
Trevor Maudsley - Graphite Drawing - Perspective 2006 & Oil Paint - colour mixing 2008 at Elizabeth Guzsely Gallery
Elizabeth Johns - Colour Theory & Mixing 2010 at Elizabeth Guzsely Gallery
Waratah Nicholls - Silk Painting Workshop in early 2008 at Botanical Gardens

Life Drawing - Self Directed Group who got together and hired a model. - December 2010 -  January 2011 at Elizabeth Guzsely Gallery
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